COWOKI Coworking Plus

Cowoki is a versatile coworking space in Cologne, the cultural hub of western Germany.

Opening its doors in March 2017, the 360m² workspace provides 30 workstations, communal collaborative areas, private phone booths and dedicated meeting rooms spread over 2 floors.

Architects Architekturbüro Maier were tasked to create a healthy working environment where work and well-being are fully intertwined. This healthy, dynamic work environment would also be established to enhance the feeling of well-being in the workplace. Cowoko provide a full spectrum of well-being services, from dedicated childcare, to exercise plans, healthy organic foods and life enhancing furniture.

When it came to seating, they chose a selection of chairs from...

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"With the furniture we were able to achieve a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it is also extraordinarily flexible and functional. Since it can be moved around and adjusted so easily, we are able to create a variety of different work stations whetherthat be for a meeting, presentation or individual work with ease. Equally important to us was our commitment to sustainability. The well-thought out furniture, manufactured with fair-trade and high quality materials was a perfect fit for us. These are huge assets for our coworkers and strengthens the image of COWOKI."
Peggy Wahrlich, founder
COWOKI Coworking Plus

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