Pop In Work

PopInWork is a modern co-working space in Stockholm, and Sweden's first activity-based member office.

Opened in December 2017, PopInWork offers a flexible office solution to companies where changes in number of employees are common or the future is difficult to predict. The target group is small companies or large companies who have some employees who sometimes, seldom or often need an office space in downtown Stockholm while on the move between meetings and assignments.

The co-working space was created by Karin Ståhl and Karolina Mölldal, leading industry experts in the development and design of working environments and working methods. Together with their partners in the industry, they have created a state-of-the-art office that supports...

"PopInWork provides a sustainable, modern and high quality work environment in cooperation with Flokk and other suppliers. We share the same values about health and wellbeing, and in order to create an inspiring work environment you need to provide variety and an innovative work space. With Flokk we achieved that."
Karolina Mölldal, Founder
Pop In Work

Interior designers Go To Work led the interior project, and chose furniture which enhanced the vision of the project. Flokk brands HÅG, RH had products specified in numerous locations, with the HÅG Capisco, HÅG Capisco Puls, HÅG H05, HÅG Sofi, HÅG SoFi mesh, HÅG Futu mesh, and the RH Mereo.

7 different varieties of task seating meant that Flokk furniture was able to provide a versatile range of seating options, working with the project concept of creating different and adaptable working environments for different work tasks and atmospheres.

PopInWork were also looking for brands which share common values of promoting health and wellbeing to...


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