Hasselt University

Hasselt University is a public research university with campuses in Hasselt and Diepenbeek, Belgium

The dual campus university has roughly 6300 students at any one time, with the library at Diepenbeek serving as a prime study location for both solo and group sessions. Having not made any significant updates to the interior design for over twenty years, the university, working with interior furnitue suppliers Puur Office, set out to modernise the library with a complete overhaul. The look-and-feel and functionalities no longer met the requirements that the university felt should be fulfilled by a campus library.

The objective of the redesign was to provide a fresh modern library for students to study in a relaxing and pleasant environment....

University of Hasselt new furniture project, RBM Noor seating by Flokk brand RBM
"Students often spend hours studying and / or working together in the library. The choice for a solid, ergonomic chair was, therefore, our most important requirement. In addition, we wanted beautiful chairs that came back throughout the library."
Pieter Lernout
Head Librarian, University Library of Hasselt

As well as these architectural improvements to the layout and composition of the workspace, a whole new range of seating was introduced for the students. Speaking about this decision, Pieter Lernout, Head Librarian, University Library of Hasselt said: “In order to meet the needs of all visitors, the University Library invested deliberately in more working and seating comfort. The purchase of new, ergonomic furniture played an important role in this.”

Working with and on the advice of furniture provider Puur Office, and after a two week trial period, the university installed over 350 new chairs by Flokk brand Profim: 304 Profim Noor chairs in 2 colour combinations in a majority of the library spaces as well as 48 Profim Noor Up chairs, the taller Profim Noor variant, perfect for higher workbenches.

A collaboration between designers Form Us With Love, Stokke Austad, Grønlund Design and the Flokk internal design team, the Profim Noor is a modern classic Scandinavian design, where strong ergonomics combines with functionality and aesthetics. With the long hours students spend seated, the Profim Noor was a natural choice, offering a supportive and comfortable shape.

In each combination the university opted for the sledgebase leg option, helping the reduce noise from movement and making it easily stackable. From the wide range of colour options available, the university easily found the right colour to match the interior design...

University of Hasselt new furniture project, RBM Noor seating by Flokk brand RBM

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