Flokk has 40 years' history of a structured focus on the environment, enabling us to be leaders in the development of sustainable furniture. We believe in a holistic approach, that goes way beyond the materials we use.

Our goal

The share of recycled materials used in our products should be more than 60% in average. In 2019 we used 649 tonnes of recycled plastic in our products. Our goal for 2021 is 1000 tonnes, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

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A Circular Design Star - Limited Edition HÅG Capisco Puls chair

In an ongoing quest to expand our circular design product portfolio, Flokk brand HÅG have created a limited number of their iconic HÅG Capisco Puls chair made from a uniquely Nordic material: ‘snow plough markers’.

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Our sustainability promise

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DNA: A journey Through Sustainable Design

A concept created in collaboration with Hunting & Narud, launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019

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Video Series

Flokk DNA: Materials

Discover the Flokk DNA with a series of videos exploring how we choose our materials, with Flokk Senior VP Christian Lodgaard & Flokk Designer Oystein Austad

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    The Truth about chemicals in furniture

    Toxic chemicals can be found everywhere, including your furniture. Read our guide to avoiding harmful furniture.

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    Choosing environmentally friendly furniture

    Discover what to look for when sourcing environmentally friendly furniture, at home or at work.

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    View our environmental certificates

    We are proud to have achieved multiple awards and certificates recognising our sustainable design credentials.

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Discover Røros

We have many locations around the world, find out why our home in Norway is unique

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The journey of Norwegian sustainable wool


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