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Flokk is the leading manufacturer of high-quality furniture and acoustic solutions in Europe, offering a wide range of sustainable seating solutions, tables, and accessories for working and public spaces. With our products we want to inspire great work.

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Sandviksbodene 3, N-5035 Bergen

E-mail: einar.smette-blaalid@flokk.com

Phone: +47 22 59 59 88

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Drammensveien 145, 0277 Oslo

E-mail: reception.oslo@flokk.com

Phone: +47 22 59 59 00

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Storgata 161, N-3915 Porsgrunn

E-mail: monica.ballestad@flokk.com

Phone: +47 22 59 59 94

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Sundveien 201, N-7374 Røros (Stattene)

E-mail: info-no@flokk.com

Phone: +47 72 40 72 40

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Skansegata 19, N-4006 Stavanger

E-mail: morten.eskeland@flokk.com

Phone: +47 22 59 59 66

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Verftsgata 4, N-7014 Trondheim

E-mail: dag.hanebrekke@flokk.com

Phone: +47 72 40 72 88

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Other locations

Our head office is in Oslo, Norway, with main production sites in Røros (Norway), Nässjö (Sweden), Turek (Poland) and Hawthorne (USA). In addition, we keep sales offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland, Singapore, USA, Canada, China and Australia.

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