Acer Design

Acer Design handles creative and innovative design solutions for many companies nationally and internationally.

Acer Design was established in 1973 by Erik Simonsen as an independent drafting room.The company is built on solid traditions with an open and innovative development.

The team consists of a large group of dedicated employees, among others architects, designers, graphic designers, engineers, design draftsmen and tool makers. The team is a nice blend of newly educated young people with a lot of drive together with experienced employees with a lot of know-how and knowledge.

Acer Design is placed directly on the harbor in the beautiful old provincial town of Bogense on Northern Funen. The Design house has more than 1100 square meters of innovative rooms where furniture, Acer Design’s competences comprise a complete project course from the idea phase through concept and construction to the production phase.

The jobs are performed in our drafting rooms and prototype workshops with tools like 2D, 3D design software, graphic software, digital photo and fully equipped machines for manufacture of ´full scale´ prototypes from wood, plastic, metals and steel.

Acer Design was certified according to ISO 9001:2000 in...