Southampton University

Southampton University is a research-intensive university and a founding member of the Russell Group.

As part of a long-term refurbishment programme of its shared learning spaces, the University of Southampton wanted to replace the accumulated mismatching seating with a single style of chair. The University enlisted the help of national seating specialists Posturite, with the eventual decision handed over to the students themselves.

Several meetings were held with the client to listen to their requirements to provide a chair that would suit the environment of the Common Learning Space areas. They wanted something with longevity and a lengthy warranty to ensure they didn’t have to replace them or have to deal with broken parts. The various types and colours currently available were discussed, and the black chair with black back and seat pads and silver legs was chosen to fit in with the environment visually as well as ergonomically. It was taken...

Close up photo of HÅG Convention Wing in black in classroom
"Since the first batch of chairs went in, they have been subjected to the usual day-to-day use by students but they are still looking as smart and stylish as the day they were delivered."
Representative from Southampton University

The aesthetic appeal was a big winner for the students. Its wing-shaped back with a slight curve is not only ergonomical, but attractive too. Its light but tough build makes it easily movable, and it can cope with rough treatment, coming with a 10-year warranty. It can be stacked up to 15 high and can easily clip together with a simple linking mechanism, great for when use in conference settings.

Finally, the environmental credentials were seen as admirable by students. The Conventio Wing follows HÅG’s ongoing commitment to sustainable production, with recycled car bumpers and plastic bottles a significant proportion of the plastic used, as well as recycled aluminium and steel. The product is EPD, Greenguard and Mobelfakta certified.

Southampton University was impressed with the credentials and backed the students’ choice, and to date over 2,500 chairs have been...

Stackable chairs HÅG Contino wing in black in university classroom

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