The Vaeshartelt estate is a luxurious historical property located on the northern border of Maastricht, Netherlands.

Originally built as a medieval castle, the estate has changed hands many times over the centuries but now operates as a ‘budget boutique hotel’, featuring 83 rooms and three restaurants, as well as several social spaces and a bar. Not only is it a popular weekend retreat, but the hotel is also an in-demand business venue, with 15 meeting rooms available for a range of corporate gatherings.

Because of its size and varied history, the interior design of the estate had become very disjointed, as different owners redesigned different sections of the property on separate occasions. Interior design firm Reiters were brought in to breathe new life...

"The versatile colour palette has been translated into the interior without detracting from the existing historical elements. Old and new literally come together as a result and provide an exciting contrast that can be felt throughout the hotel. All spaces have their own character, which through smart design choices together form a whole. For example, patterns return and materials and colours repeat in different rooms, creating a strong visual connection."
Reiters Architecture

Where the strategic use of colour is most striking is in the meeting rooms, a suite of 15 individual locations, each with its own colour and identity. these distinct tones are implemented in the panelling, carpets and upholstery as well as the furniture in the rooms.

Profim Noor chairs, supplied by furniture dealer Holmris, feature exclusively throughout the meeting rooms, chosen for their comfort, design, and a wide variety of colour options. The Profim Noor chairs are upholstered in Gabriel fabric Fame, in a range of tones colour matched to the individual room palettes to create a ‘ton-sur-ton’ effect.

Photography: Guy Houben

Featured: Profim Noor 6060SB with Graphite shell, black frame and Gabriel Fame fabric 66032 (blue), Fame fabric 64166 (red), Fame fabric 68035 (green), Fame fabric 68004 (yellow), Fame fabric 61136 (grey)


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