RBM education environment brochure

Are you about to invest in new furniture for your learning environment?

With the right planning and management, seating can be transformed from an extra chore to an asset that brings real value to your organisation.

What's inside?

The RBM education environment brochure is a 20-page inspirational guide, exploring the many seating and table options available from Flokk brand RBM for all learning centres.

Using real-life examples, we present the range of Flokk chairs in environments such as classrooms, libraries, waiting rooms, creative spaces, computer rooms, and a range of social spaces such as canteens and cafes.

From primary schools to university and beyond, there's an RBM chair for every occasion, available in a range of colours and customisations to suit your needs.

preview images of RBM Education environment brochure with images of school chairs and tables

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Hasselt university library booth with new RBM Noor furniture