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RBM – Scandinavian Design since 1975

RBM’s history is deeply entrenched in the traditions of Danish design. With a balance of warmth and functionality, our furniture offers Scandinavian style that endures and will bring life to rooms.

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  • Out of Office – Designing a workplace to reconnect with remote employees

    Forte recently moved into their brand new office, a flexible workspace designed to enhance collaboration and rebuild social capital. We speak to two different employees to find out if the project lives up to expectations.

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  • Designing a co-share office for collaboration - with Nøstet Bergen & MAD Arkitekter

    MAD Arkitekter creates a collaborative environment where small businesses with sustainable ambitions can work, network, and thrive.

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  • Singapore-based financial firm establish local work hub as part of their corporate workspace

    Great Eastern Life’s innovative new workspace introduces a new decentralised workspace to their suburban based workforce, turning a tired suburban building into a localised hub workspace offering agile work environments and increased collaboration.

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RBM Noor – a creative design collaboration

In 2013 RBM Noor was launched as a result of an innovative design collaboration between the Scandinavian designers Form Us With Love, StokkeAustad, Susanne Grønlund and the Flokk design team.


About RBM

RBM represents a Scandinavian state of mind expressed through design. Robust and vibrant furniture, with simple lines, inviting curves, supportive shapes and vivid colour stories. With a balance of warmth and ...

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  • Tavle_1_UK

    Bringing life to schools

    Young students, regardless of age or size, deserve inspirational and good ergonomic seating solutions to perform their best.

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  • RBM_Noor_6080S_outside_1

    Download the RBM Design catalogue

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  • RBM_Noor_u-Connect_w_model_1

    The benefits of agile working environments...

    Creating an adaptive and flexible workplace environment can reap untold benefits. By designing different work spaces within the office you give people the freedom and flexibility to work in the best possible way.

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RBM Products

  • RBM Noor Wooden legs

  • RBM Noor Footbase

  • RBM Noor Sledgebase

  • RBM Noor 4-leg

  • RBM Noor Up

  • RBM Ana

  • RBM Bella

  • product-images_RBM_Allround_5180

    RBM Allround

  • product-images_0003_RBM_Eminent_4590

    RBM Eminent

  • 400x800_0000_RBM_u-Connect_3490

    RBM Connect

  • product-images_RBM_STF_4680

    RBM Standard Folding Table

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Explore RBM Projects...

  • TID Watches

    TID is a Stockholm based watch brand founded in 2012.

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  • Hebekk School

    Hebekk School is a primary school in the Ski municipality of Norway, providing a welcoming and functional environment for nearly 400 students.

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  • Rosenholm Campus

    Rosenholm Campus is a modern co-working environment, with a range of work, social and health facilities.

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  • Minerva Gymnasium

    A brand new college high school for 800 students, in partnership with the University of Umeå.

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