RBM Com Bar

RBM Com Bar brings everyone to the table.

With a sitting height of 80 cm, RBM Com Bar is designed for tables, bars and countertops between 104 and 110 cm high. The square-shaped shell is available in three different finishes: a bare plywood shell, bare plywood with an upholstered seat or fully upholstered. The shell is available in standard lacquer colours, natural modified veneers or high-pressure laminate (HPL).

Design by: Paul Brooks

new-collection-product-page-product-images_0010_Com Bar

Product Specification

• Sitting height at 80 cm, perfect for high tables, bars and counter tops between 104 and 110 cm

• Steel legs/frame in Black, Steelgrey or Metalsilver colours

• The square shaped shell available in three finishes:

- Unupholstered plywood shell, lacquered colours, natural modified veneers or laminate (HPL) in various colours

- Unupholstered plywood back with an upholstered seat pad

- Fully upholstered

• Various accessories and options; writing tablet, linking devices, row numbers and chair trolley

• Available in various fabric colours from Flokk FCM


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