RBM Nu collection is compact thinking for meetings.

This concept is aimed towards official spaces and places intended to relax. RBM Nu adds character to office spaces but also to hotel foyers. The collection includes armchairs with a four-star swivel base with castors, a four-star swivel base with glides, a four-legged frame, a sledge base or wooden legs.

Design by: Paul Brooks


Product Specification

• 4-legged base with glides: Black, Steelgrey and Metalsilver

• 4-star swivel base with glides: Polished aluminium

• 4-star swivel with castors: White, Steelgrey, polished alu.base​

• Sledge base: Black, Steelgrey and Metalsilver

• Wooden legs in 6 various stain/lacquer colours

• Fabrics from Flokk FCM


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