Form follows function, which is our key philosophy - because we always focus on the people who use our products and adapt them to fit the human body

Innovation and design are vital for international success in our industry.

That's why we work together with some of Scandinavia's foremost designers, for example Veryday, Frost Produkt, Powerdesign, Stokke Austad, Form Us With Love, Grønlund Design, Peter Opsvik and Tias Eckhoff.

All our designs are based on modern Scandinavian design:

human-centred design

functional with best use of materials

balance between ergonomics and aesthetics; elegance and simplicity

holistic and sustainable - designed to care for the environment

developed, produced and made in Scandinavia

Holistic Design - Perfection from the inside out

Our holistic approach to design - plus our collaboration with different designers - means we balance our eye-catching design with ground-breaking ergonomics, environmental demands and 100% quality to create the best products.


Human-centered design

RH chairs are developed in collaboration with talented industrial designers in different countries. The chairs are a unique blend of form and ergonomic function, where function is always a priority. Our designs always have the person who is going to sit in the chair in focus -you could say, that it is a humanistic way of designing.

„Innovation and design are vital for international success in our industry.”

Smart Technology

When drawing up a product design, all technical details are first specified by the Product Development Department’s specialists. During product development, the vision and expertise of scientists, physicians, occupational health & safety specialists and designers is also applied.


Simple and inspiring shapes

The products encourage communication between people through their simple and inspiring shapes. The curves of the furniture are inviting and comfortable and give the rooms they are in an airy and joyful feeling.


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