Our approach to workspace design

The vision of Flokk is to inspire great work. Through a portfolio of carefully crafted brands, we offer a large range of products and knowledge for designing both work and public spaces.

Our workspace design page provides an array of information and insight to help you design your next working environment.

Our mission - Inspire Great Work

Deep Design thinking

Flokk makes furniture designed to improve the well-being and performance of its users, based on comprehensive insight into the needs and work of real people. But there's more to it than that.

The phrase ‘deep design thinking’ epitomizes how we work, caring sincerely about people and the world we live in. We create our designs through empathy and involving, in iterative processes on our road to perfection. 

We have a long-term perspective that implies we build quality products to last, and that our customers will want to last. The long-term perspective extends beyond our generation, and has resulted in a relentless effort to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. When designing new products, we follow long-standing circular design criteria intended to limit the environmental footprint of our products. These guide how we assemble products and the materials we use, and even dictate our high quality and timeless design, which make for long lasting products.

What next for the office?

The workplace is constantly evolving, and so too must we in order to create relevant designs to fill those spaces. Now more than ever, businesses and organisations are evaluating the way their employees want to work, with a more distributed model being adopted on a wider scale, with people working in more and more places outside of the traditional office.

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  • RH_sustainabily


    Reducing our impact on the environment and creating products that last have been major driving forces in the way we design our furniture for over 40 years.

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  • ergonomics_01

    Human factors & ergonomics

    When we design furniture, we look closely at human needs, particularly within the context of day-to-day activities that take place. Our goal is to make furniture that provides a positive experience for every user.

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  • Diageo_02

    Latest projects

    We're proud to work with a huge range of companies, interior architects and designers across the globe. Take a look at some of our latest projects.

    Latest projects

The Future Workspace Ecosystem

The workspace ecosystem - single oveview frame

Whitepaper | Returning to the post COVID Office - leveraging the workspace ecosystem

How will companies and organisations be affected by the change in workplace dynamics caused by the pandemic?

What measures can they take in order to successfully transition into the next workplace ecosystem?

Download our whitepaper to hear our take on these important questions facing businesses around the world.

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What next for the office?

With the home office potentially a permanent fixture on the work landscape, the role of the office will need to be optimised to accommodate new working patterns and maximise the use of space available.

Successful companies will adapt the office to provide environments for tasks and activities that cannot be done at home, and very successful companies will be those that shape those workspaces to enhance company culture, improve team cohesiveness and offer the workplace experience lacking when working remotely.

The Flokk Future Lab shares their latest thoughts on how the pandemic has and will continue to influence the way people want to...

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Flokk Focus

How do people want to work?

We invited Leesman CEO Tim Oldman to present the findings from his company's global survey on the impact of working from home


More insight

  • king_c_web

    Creating a workspace that makes your employees feel like they belong

    With the dedicated office workspace under threat, we explore the ways in which companies can keep the workplace experience a personal one for employees.

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  • Flokk_Teams-Zoom-Background_Home_03

    What have we learnt after a year of working from home?

    A year on from the ‘great dispersal’ of the world’s office workers we ask the question, what exactly have we learnt during the last 12 months of remote working?

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  • My Post - 2021-06-09T143808.873

    What next for the workplace?

    Flokk’s in-house think tank “The Future Lab” share their latest thoughts on how the pandemic has and will continue to influence the way people work, and how this will affect the workspace ecosystems of the future.

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