Seating solutions helping lower your carbon footprint

Our aim is to create high-quality seating with a significantly reduced carbon footprint - emission reductions, which we pass on to our customers looking to lower their own environmental impact.

Our holistic approach takes into consideration every aspect of the environment – from the materials we use to the way we manufacture our designs, the conditions our employees work in, and the full lifespan of our products.

We are eager to share our ideas about making the right seating choices to lower your footprint.

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What makes our furniture sustainable?

Our long term commitment to reducing environmental impact

Our principles for sustainable design

Every new Flokk design must stay true to our longstanding sustainable design principles, which encompass every aspect of environmental consideration, ensuring the health and prosperity of our furniture users, our employees, and the natural world.

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Our 2030 environmental goals

We are continually raising the bar when it comes to our environmental ambitions. As pioneers of sustainable development we have set ourselves a range of goals above and beyond those set by the UN, with the aim of drastically reducing our carbon footprint and using even more sustainable resources.

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Environmental certifications & EPDs

With a dedicated sustainability team, Flokk maintains a structure of environmental certifications both at a company and product level, ensuring that our designs adhere to the strictest environmental criteria.

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Our annual sustainability report

We have been publishing annual sustainability reports since 2011, providing a thorough examination of every aspect of the company, creating the clearest picture to date of our overall impact on the environment.

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