The TeknoLab is an exciting workshop at the Norwegian Museum of Science & Technology.

Launched in September 2018, the TeknoLab is a “digital hall of the future” filled with cutting edge technology for young people to interact with. From 3D printers to unique programmable music machines, the TeknoLab aims to increase understanding in how digital tools can be used in creative processes where innovation can inspire student’s curiosity and creativity skills.

TeknoLab is used by school classes, for teacher training and further education, as well as being a regional ‘Talentsenter’ venue, one of four across Norway. TeknoLab will also be actively used in the national initiative " Skaperverksted i skolen ", whose goal is to bring the...

"So far the feedback on the HÅG Capisco Puls has been exclusively positive. From the height adjustment on the chairs to the castors on the chairs providing perfect friction and sound, everything looks and works very well."
Frode Myhr, Designer & Project Manager

The HÅG Capisco Puls was selected as the task chair for all seated workstations within the workshop. The objective from the designer was to use seating which provides solid ergonomic performance, but that also allows movement and freedom of postures. It also had to fit in with the aesthetics of the environment, providing a modern stylish look.

Designer & Project manager Frode Myhr, who was central to the development of the laboratory was familiar with the HÅG Capisco design.

“I have known the Capisco design for many years through personal use of the chair. For this project we chose the Puls series because of the colourful colour palette and...


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