De Well

Flokk provide a rounded seating solution for new China headquarters of international logistics organisation

Six different Flokk designs comprising over 150 individual pieces feature in the new office space of logistics and shipping firm De Well, helping them meet their needs and objectives. Designed by independent Interior Designer Simpson Lin (Yenmin Lin), the overall concept of the project was “back to nature”, combining sustainable solutions, circular workflows and an open interior to give the sense of being able to work and breathe freely. The goal was a healthy workspace to promote wellbeing and increase overall productivity.

The overall solution features a circular floor plan. Communal areas such as the cafeteria and casual meeting spaces are located centrally to allow easy access for everyone, with private meeting rooms and open plan workstations located towards the exterior of the floorplan. Big windows and glass room partitions allow an abundance of natural light to reach every...

"Designers are increasingly looking for more capabilities in furniture, and Flokk can definitely deliver. The HÅG Tion, for instance, is simple yet functional and very thoughtful. The Offecct On Point table is certainly a favourite of the client’s employees, and the owner is in love with her HÅG Capisco."
Simpson Lin (Yenmin Lin)
Interior Designer

Interior Designer Simpson Lin worked with the Flokk team in China to select suitable furniture for each of the workspaces. After several rounds of consultation including sketches, showroom visits, and selecting fabrics and materials, the project landed on six Flokk product designs.

HÅG Tion chairs were specified in meeting rooms and some open plan desk areas. These chairs are lightweight and agile, great for spaces that regularly reconfigure or are tight for space. With a strong ergonomic profile, they are also well suited to more extended seating. They also have a low carbon footprint, helping De Well meet their sustainability profile.

The Cafeteria features a selection of Profim Noor 6060 Chairs. Specific colours were chosen to contrast with the rest of the interior design, adding a playful and more colourful feel to the social space. Two Offecct On Point tables with Offecct Move On chairs feature in the transitional area between cafeteria and workspaces. These designs invite...


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