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Flokk provide a flexible seating solution for modern education centre

In response to the evolving landscape of education, Interior architects Integral embarked on a transformative project to create innovative learning spaces for ETH Zurich. The aim was to develop environments that foster collaboration, creativity, and adaptability, catering to the diverse needs of students and faculty as well as the two host teams – PBLabs and the Media & Methods Lab. Central to this was the integration of seating solutions provided by Flokk, chosen for their versatility, customisability, and commitment to flexible design.

PBLabs RZ is a space that offers a dynamic blend of functionality, aesthetics, and technological integration, enabling seamless transitions between various learning setups. From group work sessions to lectures and prototyping activities, the design seamlessly accommodates diverse pedagogical approaches.

Flokk played a pivotal role in shaping the...

"PBLabs RZ was designed with flexibility in mind, allowing teachers to host a variety of project-based courses and switch effortlessly between different settings during class. The chairs that Flokk provided are a central element in enabling these goals, both in terms of functionality and design. I must say everyone involved did an excellent job. Both lecturers and students were truly impressed!"
Florian Rittiner
Head of PBLabs at ETH Zurich

At the heart of the design concept lies the innovative smart grid embedded within the ceiling, serving as a multifunctional toolkit for interior configuration. This adaptable framework incorporates acoustic curtains, turnstiles, and lighting elements, allowing users to reconfigure the space effortlessly. The learning hubs accommodate a multitude of usage scenarios, with thirteen depicted configurations and the potential for additional variations.

Modular furniture further enhances adaptability, facilitating easy movement and reconfiguration to suit evolving needs. Profim Ariz conference chairs exemplify this ethos in project zones, offering lightweight, stackable designs with clean lines and modern aesthetics. HÅG Tion chairs, featured in meeting rooms, prioritise comfort and versatility, complemented by Profim Revo pouffes for additional seating flexibility.

In the main office space, Giroflex 40 task chairs provide ergonomic support for multiuser environments, ensuring comfort...


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