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Spaces to Focus

A place to think and concentrate.
Environments for individual, desk-based tasks.

"82% of business decision makers saying getting employees back to the office in person is a concern in the coming year.​"
2022 Hybrid Work report​
  • Why Seating Matters

    Providing the right chair is an essential element of designing focused workspaces. Chairs are central in providing comfort, and also help to provide a feeling of security and safety.

    The right chair can also be so much more though, providing a healthy platform for employee wellbeing, complimenting interior design schemes and helping towards establishing a strong and positive company culture.

    Flokk chairs feature advanced ergonomic principles, designed to support workers across the whole working day.

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    Movement & Variation

    Staying active at work helps improve people’s overall wellbeing. Even when seated, our solutions are designed for movement, working with natural body rhythms to reduce the effects of sedentary behaviour.

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    Personalised Seating

    From multiuser touchdown zones for short bursts of productivity, to highly personalised workstations for round the clock usage, we have a depth of solutions to cover all focus workspaces.

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    Intuitive Use

    Flokk makes easy to use furniture. We want people to instinctively feel how a chair works. Our design language includes simple to operate, universally understood controls, with minimal fuss and maximum control.

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