Our principles for sustainable design

Seating solutions helping lower your carbon footprint

Every new Flokk design must stay true to our longstanding principles for sustainable design which encompass every aspect of environmental consideration, ensuring the health and prosperity of our furniture users, our employees and the natural world.

When Flokk acquires new brands, our strategy is to raise their sustainability profile to a Flokk level, implementing our sustainable design principles on new products as well as exploring the possibility of updating existing designs.

These principles, devised in 1993, still hold true today. We call it 5-III (five-three) – five circular design criteria, built around three focus areas, that come together to deliver sustainable seating solutions.

So how does it work?

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Three Focus Areas

  • As a company, we have defined three focus areas where we can make the biggest impact. Minimising our effect on the global climate, through smart and responsible use of resources, guaranteeing the health of anyone who comes into contact with our seating - both employees and customers.

    Read more about how we do this below.

Ambitious, but realistic sustainability goals

  • These focus areas also directly relate to several of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals – a set of interconnected objectives aimed at promoting sustainable development across every aspect of our planet – as well as global targets set by the EU European Green Deal and the UNs Global Compact.

    In fact, the goals we set ourselves often go above and beyond those set by government organisations. 

Five Circular Design Criteria

  • The way we design our seating solutions revolves around five distinct circular design criteria, which positively impact our three focus areas. Every decision during the design process ensures that our seating: Is low weight, has few components, is made with the right materials, has a long lifespan, and is designed for disassembly.

Our 5III Video

  • A short video to recap and further explain our sustainable design principles

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