ASE Trade Union

The ASE is a trade union with over 150,000 members, and nearly 500 employees across Denmark.

  • Location

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Designed by

    Anne Qvist

  • Type of space

    Government & Public Services

In 2017, one of Denmark’s most influential trade unions took on the challenge of redesigning their headquarters. Enlisting a top designer, the new workspace is a model of Scandinavian design; smart and minimalistic, with functionality and well-being at the heart of the project.

When Designer Anne Qvist was approached to take on the job, her brief was to offer the same potential to the employees who work at ASE, and also to help improve their well-being whilst at work. Anne Qvist's design has functionality at the centre. The unique character of each assignment determines the design for each workzone. The task and cooperation around the...

"The HÅG Capisco is great because it offers so many different seating options… People become more productive when they sit better – their mind becomes more “fresh” and reduces absence due to sickness."
Maria Morena,
HR Consultant, ASE

With the HÅG in Balance technology offering a greater scope of movement whilst seated, and the overall design inviting regular shifting of postures and positions, the HÅG Capisco was the natural choice. 251 chairs were installed into the main desk areas, with a further 32 HÅG Capisco Puls chairs placed in meeting rooms. ASE chose the black Fame fabric from Gabriel, complimented with a black aluminium base and stem.

The new office is a success, with the complete redesign meeting everyone’s expectations, in particular the new seating installed.


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