Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum

The German Sport & Olympic Museum presents the ‘world of sport’, from antiquity up to the present day, across a 2,000 m2 exhibition and event space located in the historic customs building on the banks of the river Rhine.

  • Location

    Cologne, Germany

  • Designed by

    German Culture & Sport Marketing GmbH

  • Products

    HÅG Conventio Wing

  • Type of Space

    Government & Public Services

The Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum (German Sport & Olympic Museum) is a monument to the world’s greatest sporting moments, from ancient times to the present day. With an impressive collection of iconic sporting memorabilia, the museum hosts a fascinating array of permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as providing ample event space for public talks and private conferences. A shrine to movement and healthy living, it was therefore a natural fit that the museum approached Flokk brand HÅG when looking for suitable seating solutions.

The partnership between the museum and Flokk began back in 2017, when the office area was looking for...

"Not only are we convinced by all the HÅG models we use, we feel really well looked after in our cooperation with Flokk and well valued."
Carmen Diaz, Managing Director
German Culture & Sport Marketing GmbH

Flokk once again worked closely with the organisation when additional seating was required for use during events and conferences. Looking to create a similar synergy between the furniture and the environment, they opted for the HÅG Conventio Wing in white.

The HÅG Conventio Wing is tailor-made for event spaces. Light and airy, yet sturdy, its design enables quick and efficient arrangement of rows of seating. Connecting devices allow a solid row to be constructed, and the materials used are easily cleaned and maintained, giving the chair a long life. Easily stackable, large quantities can also be stored away when not in use.

Like all HÅG...


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