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Chairs are our passion. Chairs that meet the needs of the human anatomy. Office chairs that allow and support healthy, dynamic, mobile and active sitting. Whether swivel chairs, conference chairs, visitor’s chairs or other types of seating. This has been the focus of our energy and skill since 1872. With worldwide success.

Better sitting. For more than 145 years.

The Giroflex name has been synonymous with wide-ranging expertise in ergonomic seating since 1872. Our passion for this vital issue continues unabated and will also shape how we think and act in the future.

As an international quality brand, Giroflex epitomises the Swiss Benchmark for value. Service and reliable delivery lead times, innovation, design and a strong commitment to sustainability are the hallmarks of our corporate philosophy.

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Quality is an attitude that manifests itself in the product. Giroflex chairs are high quality products and make quality experienceable in every respect. In materials and workmanship, in technologies for comfort and in ease of use. Thanks to the high degree of vertical integration and its own development, Giroflex can uncompromisingly maintain its quality standards.

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In 1872 Albert Stoll I established a chair factory in Koblenz. It produced bentwood chairs for cafés, hotels and stores. Starting in 1919, his son, Albert Stoll II, concentrated on the development and production of office chairs.

In 1926 he invented the "spring swivel", the first swivel chair with a suspension system, and had it patented worldwide. The brand name "Giroflex" (turn and flex), introduced in 1948, can be traced back to this invention. Giroflex expanded.

In 1949 the first foreign production and distribution facility was established in Belgium. This was followed by a production site in Brazil and branch offices in Germany, the...

Albert Stoll I with his wife Bertha Strübe & 1903 Bugholzstuhl

The main production facility and the centre for research and development remained in Koblenz. From 1962 cooperation was established with internationally recognized ergonomists. This led to ergonomically designed chairs oriented to the needs of people who must remain seated for longer periods of time.

In July 2017, Giroflex has been acquired by the Flokk Group.

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