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    Introducing giroflex 40

    The elegant, yet energising giroflex 40 is health-focused with an ergonomic design, featuring all the hallmarks of a Giroflex chair - visually simplified to create a softer more approachable chair - perfect for open office landscapes, just as well as in more private office settings.

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    Giroflex 150 anniversary

    Celebrating our 150th anniversary in 2022, we explore the rich history that makes Giroflex an iconic brand, and share our latest designs, pushing the boundaries of seating innovation further...

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    The giroflex 64 dressed up!

    High-quality, comfortable, ergonomically perfect – just typically giroflex 64, just with a warmer touch. Discover our quilt model!

    Product Information
Giroflex 10
On the move
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Product information

Giroflex 313
In new elegance

The next generation giroflex 313 provide options of components in recycled aluminium, highlights the chair's design holistically. This all-rounder has versatility for all work-environments with multiple users...

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About Giroflex

Sitting properly. Living better.
Chairs are our passion. Chairs that meet the needs of the human anatomy. This has been the focus of our energy and skill since 1872. With worldwide success.

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Featured project

Banana Campus, Lausanne

A coworking space in Lausanne (Switzerland) where creative people meet, share ideas and workplaces.


Giroflex Service

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Giroflex Products

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