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Creating inspiring places where people want to work

Flokk is the leading manufacturer of sustainable furniture and acoustic solutions in Europe. Combining internal expertise with renowned international designers, we want to help you design better workplaces, embracing new ways of working to create lasting business advantages.

RH -Designed for human performance

Ever since 1977, the human body has been RH’s greatest source of inspiration. With the focus on people, we produce chairs that are designed to help you do more and perform better. Read more here.

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A sustainable and healthy workplace

Here you will find inspiration, advice and tips on well-being in working life - whether you work in the office or at home.


It's official - the home office is here to stay

We believe everybody deserves a healthy working environment, including at home. With our range of stylish, comfortable, and sustainable chairs, we have something for everyone.


The RBM Soft Seating Collection

18 fresh designs to the RBM portfolio, from effortlessly comfortable armchairs to flexible sofa systems, dynamic stools to adjustable tables. The RBM Soft Seating Collection offers a complete furniture solution.


Latest from Flokk...

  • Flokk showroom shines at Designers' Saturday Oslo

    Flokk's showroom at Designers Saturday Oslo embraced the fusion of design and hospitality, leaving a lasting impression on all who visited.

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  • row of five rh logic ergonomic chairs with a dark beige background

    The redesign of a cult classic – making the RH New Logic

    Members of the RH Logic design team recount how immersive user group sessions shaped the redesign process of one of the world’s best ergonomic office chairs.

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  • Unravelling the impact of neurodesign: How built environments shape workplace experience

    Flokk collaborates with leading neurodesign scientist Isabelle Sjövall on a ground-breaking research project exploring how design can enhance human experiences in the workplace

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Need some inspiration?

We're proud to work with a huge range of companies, interior architects and designers across the globe. Take a look at some of our latest projects...

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Sustainable Design

Flokk's strong position on sustainable design goes back to the early nineties and is founded on strong quality control to ensure that no harmful substances are used, and that the furniture still achieves the adequate strength required by the users.

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