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Where better to explore the Flokk house of brands than in our showroom in Stockholm!

Design icons and innovative new products sit together to provide a place for every moment, whether working or relaxing. Visitors can explore furniture for the home and the workplace in a range of settings. This is the perfect opportunity to touch, see and test out your favorite Flokk furniture.

We are currently open to visitors, but we require you to book an appointment to ensure that we have an expert at hand able to provide you with personal assistance. So whether you want one chair or a hundred, fill in the form below to book your trip today!



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AddressRosenlundsgatan 40, trapphus B 3 tr. Stockholm 118 53

Only booked meetings.

To give you the best service we wish that you contact us and book a meeting.

Phone Number+46 0380-555 300

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Whether you're looking for one chair or a thousand, you're more than welcome to come and visit us. Drop your details in the form below, including any information about the furniture you are interested in, and one of our team will be in touch to arrange your visit.

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The story behind the showroom

Flokk moved to Monopolet at Rosenlundsgatan 40 in 2016. The design concept of the showroom was made by Design Studio Codesign and the goal was to design a showroom that invites people to be inspired and to be able to see the products in a real environment.

The area is today a design cluster called Stockholm Design District with a wide variety of design brands.

Short history of the building

The Tobacco Monopoly is a block on western Södermalm in Stockholm. Between 1917 and 1939 Svenska Tobaks AB built factory and office premises for its operations.

In 1924, the characteristic corner house was built at Maria Bangata / Rosenlundsgatan. The windows are predominantly low and oblong, justified by the function of storing tobacco. The tobacco layer required good ventilation, high humidity and low temperature but no large windows. In 1967, the state monopoly on production disappeared, which meant that the production of cigarettes and thus all tobacco production in the Tobacco Monopoly block was also discontinued. The buildings are preserved and have gradually been given new functions. Today, most of the block is listed as a cultural monument.

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