Flokk Sweden

Stockholm - main office

Our main office in Sweden is located in Stockholm.

Rosenlundsgatan 40, trapphus B 3 tr.,
118 53 Stockholm

Contact information

Country manager Sweden

Mathias Fogde

Our locations in Sweden


If you have questions about orders, delivery or any issues with our products please contact support.

Customer service

Technical service

Jan-Erik  Jajje  Carlsson

  • E-mail: jan-erik.carlsson@flokk.com
  • Phone: +46 705 661 452

Sales and marketing

If you have questions about our products or want to visit one of our showrooms please contact our sales departement.

Sales support

For sales support enquirys please contact one of our sales coordinators or use info-se@flokk.com

Sales coordinators

Anne-Charlotte Nibert

  • E-mail: info-se@flokk.com
  • Phone: +46 70 962 03 36

Anna Skoglund (maternity leave) 

  • E-mail: info-se@flokk.com
  • Phone: +46 70 191 07 13

Madelein Stua

  • E-mail: info-se@flokk.com
  • Phone: +46 70-149 11 08

Victoria Viklund

  • E-mail: info-se@flokk.com
  • Phone: +46 70-189 37 03

Marketing & Sales Support Manager 

Jessica Borgar

Regional sales

Head of regional sales and key accounts

Peter Wollesen

Regional sales manager West

Martin Odenhäll

Regional Sales Manager South

Martin Hansson

Regional Sales Manager North

Johnny Backlund

Regional Sales Manager Stockholm

Amanda Kälvehed 

Key accounts

Key Account Manager Stockholm - End Customers

Ida Sjöman

Key Account Manager Stockholm - Architects

Salome Shiralipour

Key Account Manager Public Sector

Johan Almgren

Key Account Manager West

Maria Börtin

Key Account Manager South

Christopher Lundin

Key Account Manager North 

Johnny Backlund

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