Why sustainable design is so important to Flokk with Senior VP, Christian Lodgaard
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Flokk has 40 years' history of a structured focus on the environment, enabling us to be leaders in the development of sustainable furniture. We believe in a holistic approach, that goes way beyond the materials we use.

Flokk aspires to be an environmentally conscious market leader whose circular products, services and processes are resource and energy-efficient, generate minimum greenhouse gas emissions, do not present a risk to health or the environment and result in minimal waste generation.

We are continually raising the bar when it comes to our environmental ambitions. We have created a range of sustainability goals, with the aim of drastically reducing our carbon footprint and using even more sustainable resources.

In 2011 Flokk published its first sustainability report in GRI Format (Global Reporting Initiative), a thorough examination of every aspect of the company, creating the clearest picture to date of our overall impact on the environment. Since then we have set ambitious long term targets with three focus areas; reducing our impact on the climate, using fewer resources, and removing harmful chemicals which can affect people’s health.

Our approach to sustainable design

Every Flokk product is designed according to a concept we call 5III - 5 circular design principles on III Focus areas that come together to create one sustainable lifecycle.

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Our 2030 Sustainability Goals

Our goals for 2030 aim to continue the reduction of our impact on the climate and reduce the amount of materials and energy we consume.

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Video Series

Flokk DNA: Materials

Discover the Flokk DNA with a series of videos exploring how we choose our materials, with Flokk Senior VP Christian Lodgaard & Flokk Designer Oystein Austad


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