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When Singapore-based insurance firm Great Eastern were first looking at ways of reimagining their corporate workspace, moving half of their staff to a secondary location was not what they had in mind. However, after a review of their real estate portfolio uncovered a half-forgotten building located in the suburbs, it gave them a chance to radically alter their ways of working, and create a brand new work culture. Working with Interior Designers Graphite Studio, GE embarked upon a 3-year project to reimagine their complete workplace experience.

Up until this point Great Eastern’s corporate teams have largely worked in traditional offices...

"We named the design concept ‘Bands of Life’--- signifying the personal connections, social ties, and bonds between team members. ‘Bands of Life’ became the prevalent design motif through the space. applied on various spatial elements as lines and ribbons to create the sense of being connected to the next space."
Graphite Studio

After a series of trials with the facility manager and human capital team, RBM Noor chairs were selected for all of these casual and informal collaborative workspaces. The ability to choose from a range of leg and footbase options was a significant factor in the specification of the RBM Noor, with the designers placing 4-leg, footbase, and stool (RBM Noor Up) models of the chair in suitable locations. This allowed them to maintain a uniformity in chair design whilst offering optimal seating conditions. The range of colours available also enabled them to match the overall colour scheme of the project perfectly.

The RBM Noor was also chosen to fit into sustainability plan for the project. At present the workspace is undergoing Greenmark accreditation, the most common scheme in Singapore for analysing and certifying environmentally friendly workspace design. Made with recycled and recyclable materials, without chrome or any other toxic materials, the RBM Noor follows parent company Flokk’s longstanding traditions of sustainabale workplace design.

Outside of the active zone, each business group within the company has their own “neighbourhood” within the building, a cluster of specialised workstations and environments suited to their specific needs. Deskspace has been reduced, with each station bookable and shared for as and when staff require them. With the rise in homeworking, staff are allowed a certain amount of time working remotely, which has helped to reduce the need...


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