Designing better workplaces
Spaces to connect

Community, relaxation, recharge.
Environments for informal and social meetings and events.

"84% of employees would be motivated to spend time in the office by the promise of socializing with co-workers, while 85% would be motivated by rebuilding team bonds."
Work Trend Index, Sept 2022
  • Why Seating Matters

    Providing the right seating is essential when designing spaces to connect. How comfortable people feel is directly related by the chair they are sitting on, which in turn can influence intimacy and engagement.

    Comfortable seating options such as sofas, lounge chairs, and bean bags can create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that encourages casual conversation and socializing. Providing a variety of seating options can cater to different preferences and needs, helping to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees.

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    Modular designs & complete customisation

    We manufacture our furniture made to order, tailored to your needs. Modular soft seating allows for complete customisation, from one piece to a dozen, designed to work together no matter what sized space. Customised fabric choices and personalised stitching available on many of our products.

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    Modern colour palettes, materials and textures

    Our curated standard & extended range of fabrics feature a depth of warm and welcoming colours and textures. Only a fraction of the materials we work with, if you can’t find anything online our team are happy to find the right materials for your spaces – matching any corporate needs.

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    Industry leading flexibility, service and expertise

    Our products are built to last, with many guaranteed up to five years. And when they do need some love we have an extensive network of authorised dealers with a range of service options, spare parts and repairs – covered under warranty. Our Q&A page is also a wealth of knowledge for our customers.

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The benefits of Flokk seating for focus work

  • Advanced ergonomics

    Comfort is key when it comes to maintaining concentration over extended periods. Our chairs feature advanced ergonomic principles, designed to support workers across the whole working day.

  • Movement and variation

    Staying active at work helps improve people’s overall wellbeing. Even when seated, our solutions are designed for movement, working with natural body rhythms to reduce the effects of sedentary behaviour.

  • Personalised seating

    From multiuser touchdown zones for short bursts of productivity, to highly personalised workstations for round the clock usage, we have a depth of solutions to cover all focus workspaces.

  • Intuitive use

    Flokk makes easy to use furniture. We want people to instinctively feel how a chair works. Our design language includes simple to operate, universally understood controls, with minimal fuss and maximum control.